Performances By

Boston Lindy Bomb Squad

The Boston Lindy Bomb Squad are Lindy Hop evangelists, dedicated to dancing in conventional and unconventional spaces to spread the joy of Lindy Hop!

Boston Lindy Hop

This performance is by instructors who teach for Boston Lindy Hop, a swing dance studio which offers dance lessons in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Designed for people brand new to swing dancing or seasoned dancers, these experienced teachers can help you improve and introduce you to the Boston swing dance community.

Eight Thirty ACT

The Eight Thirty ACT is a small Boston-based girls dance troupe specializing in solo jazz dance from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, but with a modern twist. Founded by Abby Cohen in 2013, this troupe performs mostly original pieces choreographed by Cohen.

1920’s Archeology Static Display -- Boston University Department of Archaeology

Explore the mysteries of the ancients! Relive the heady days of Howard Carter and Egyptomania! The Boston University Department of Archaeology brings you its very own Cabinet of Curiosities: artifacts from all over the world, from all periods of the human past, presented as they were in the homes of the aristocracy before modern museums. Graduate students in archaeology will guide you through the collections and instruct you in the recovery of artifacts in our sand-box excavation.